New Exhibit Opening

New Exhibit Opening
Milwaukie: A History of the West’s Dogwood City
Saturday February 3, 2018 • 1-5PM

Milwaukie Museum is proud to present its newest exhibit Milwaukie: A History of the West’s Dogwood City. The exhibit shares the story of Milwaukie from the time of Native Americans to the foundation of the City. It explores the establishment of Milwaukie’s famous fruit orchards and other important historical events. Visitors will learn why the City is known as the “Dogwood City of the West”, what fruit varieties were invented here, the importance of Lot Whitcomb steamship, and other incredible stories. Guests will be able to view artifacts from all eras of Milwaukie history such as locally found Native American tools, Milwaukie orchardist Seth Lewelling’s beaver felt hat, an alligator skin form early 20th century Milwaukie zoo, a tombstone with a curious story, and other fascinating items. The exhibit will also feature a wall-mounted television with a looping video of historic Milwaukie photos.

The new exhibit is not the only change. Clair Kuppenbender Research Library has been remodeled and improved! Please visit Milwaukie Museum 3737 SE Adams St. Saturdays 1-5pm to see the exciting changes. Admission is free, but donations are always accepted. Please like us on FaceBook or visit our website

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